Major Major Major

Austin 2-piece Major Major Major dropped by Studio 1A in anticipation of the release of their album PG-13 Movie, out October 28th on Punctum Records. The saying “less is more” applies here- the band’s energy and ability to hold your attention is all the more noteworthy because… it’s only two guys! Their sound tows lines between doo-wop, and indie garage rock, pairing well with a glass of house-party keg beer and raucous dancing.

Their single from the album “Scream Queen” was our Song of the Day on Tuesday the 25th, and shows the group writing perhaps more refined melodies with some seriously infectious rhythmic sway- we love it. Do yourself a favor and attend their release party, tonight (Friday the 28th), at Cheer Up Charlie’s- they play at 11pm!

Check out their Studio 1A jams below. 

More info on PG-13 Movie HERE!

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