Mary Gauthier at KUTX 4.10.13

Mary Gauthier

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier seems no-nonsense at first glance, like someone who wouldn’t bother spending time on her emotions. But as soon as she starts singing one of her songs, you can see where all of her emotional energy goes. She pours every ounce of herself into her songwriting, laying herself bare at every turn through her expressive Americana/folk tunes. Gauthier struggled with loneliness at a young age, turning to drugs and alcohol. Sobriety really brought out the songwriter in her, allowing her to put those darker times behind her by putting them to music. Since then, she’s had a long and notable career, earning praise from legends like Bob Dylan and Tom Waits.

Mary Gauthier has a show on Wednesday night at the Cactus Cafe. Listen to her performance caught live in Studio 1A RIGHT HERE!


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