Meat Puppets at KUTX 4.15.13 @ 4pm

Meat Puppets

Phoenix, Arizona band the Meat Puppets have had their share of ups and downs since they first came together in 1980. Their story almost plays out like your stereotypical VH1 special, weaving together tales of drugs, hard partying, loss, separation, and eventually reunion. Throughout their storied past, one thing has remained true: their spirit for doing things differently. The bands first album was hardcore punk, but then after getting bored with that, they transitioned to a more country influenced version of punk. They followed that up with an album intentionally sung off-key – that’s just the way Meat Puppets did things. The band broke up in 2001, reforming in 2006 with a slightly different lineup. But the desire to be different remains. The band will release a new album, Rat Farm, on Tuesday.

The Meat Puppets will play a show on Tuesday night at Waterloo Records. Tomorrow, they’ll stop by KUTX to play live in Studio 1a at 4pm. Don’t miss it!

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