Midlake at KUTX 12.19.13.

Midlake may have had a rough past couple of years, but they have re-emerged with a stand-out album and a more unified band to show for it. Mid-way through recording their most recent album, Antiphon, band leader Tim Smith quit the band, leaving behind a group that he fronted since their start in 1999. Rather than fall apart, the band picked up the pieces and vowed to stay together, with Eric Pulido as the new band leader, and their new sound is both fresh and exciting, yet still in the same vein of their previous albums. Their malleable sound has fluctuated from album to album, but their quirky psychedelia and 70s-style rock is evident throughout all of their records, including Antiphon. The new record has a bigger sound, though, with backing music that feels like a huge orchestra, and undercurrents of melancholia throughout the songs make for a transcendent listening experience.

Pulido and his bandmates Paul Alexander,Jesse Chandler, and Joey McClellan stop by the KUTX studio on Thursday, December 19 and we’d love to share the tracks with you. You can also catch them when they play at The Parish on December  20.

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