Mikal Cronin 11.27.19

Photo by Gabriel C. Pérez/KUTX

Mikal Cronin ventured to a cabin in southern California to shock his creative process out of a writer’s block. The peaceful isolation resulted in a majority of his fourth and finest full-length album, Seeker. After begin forced to return from his writers’ solitude early due to fires in the area, he returned to his home in Los Angeles and began the recording process. Seeker is infused with the organic sounds that inspired Cronin’s creation. The new album is backed by Cronin’s bandmates in  Ty Segall’s Freedom Band and is out now on Merge Records.

As his US tour winds down, Cronin stopped by Studio 1A to chat with host Laurie Gallardo and play some songs for our KUTX concert club members before his show at Barracuda. Listen to the session below.

-Written by Simone Puglia/KUTX

Host: Laurie Gallardo

Audio: Cliff Hargrove & Jake Perlman

Producer: Deidre Gott

Cameras: Gabriel C. Pérez

Editor: Gabriel C. Pérez



Mikal Cronin



Mikal Cronin



Mikal Cronin


Mikal Cronin

Full Session w/ Interview

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