Miranda Dodson at KUTX 4.5.13

Miranda Dodson

Austin singer-songwriter Miranda Dodson‘s voice has a distinct and clear power in its vulnerability. It draws the listener in, grabs their attention and doesn’t let go. And that’s a trap, because once you’re listening to one of her songs, you hang on her every word. The songwriting is intricate, deep and honest. Earlier this year, she was featured on NPR’s Morning Edition for her song “Try Again,” a heartbreaking confessional about what would at first listen sounds like a love gone wrong. But the heartbreak she sings about on the song is actually about her struggle to bear a child. Miranda Dodson has been gaining coverage and making waves for her songs and songwriting, and it’s more than well deserved.

Tomorrow night, Miranda Dodson will play a show at the Stubb’s Jr. Today, she’ll be in Studio 1a to record a quick live session for KUTX, and we’ve got it for you RIGHT HERE!

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