Mrs. Glass at KUTX 8.13.13 @ 11am

It’s been said that music is a universal language (along with maybe love and money – but who needs those when you’ve got music?), and the conception of Mrs. Glass is a prime example of that idea. Having moved from New Orleans to Austin in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the dapper frontman Mrs. Glass soon met bandmates Ian Fry and Ivan Evangelista at The Hole In The Wall in 2011, where they had a “musical conversation” before even speaking a word to one another.

Flash forward to present day and you can find the Mrs. Glass trio regularly rocking The White Horse and Blackheart with intoxicating sets of gritty, often hypnotic blues, further establishing themselves as an Austin music staple. The band’s self-titled debut offers a haunting introduction to what will be heard as they play live this coming August 17th at The Scoot Inn, but we were lucky enough to have Mrs. Glass first stop by KUTX for a Studio 1A performance this Tuesday, August 13th – check it out right here!

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