Nayome 02.02.2019

Photo by Precious Parker

Nayome is an R&B singer based out of Tyler, Texas with a knack for dreamy melodies and accessible lyricism. Maybe more importantly, Nayome knows how to transform those talents into spectacular live shows where her arrangements can pack a punch and her stage presence shines. Nayome says she enjoys watching her music evolve in the studio but told The Breaks “It’s one thing to sing to track, but it’s another to perform fluently with a band, and I really fell in love with that.”

For more of Nayome go listen to her latest EP “Recovered“, and to hear live renditions of “What You Need“, “Ride (feat. Lona)“, and “Tonight” check below for our full Studio 1A session.

Written by Felix Kimbrell – KUTX Intern 


Nayome -“What You Need”

Nayome – “Ride(feat.Lona)”

Host: Aaron “Fresh” Knight
Producer: Deidre Gott
Engineer: Cliff Hargrove
Camera: Julia Reihs, Tristan Ipock, Precious Parker
Edit: Juan Figuer

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