Nick Hakim 10.11.17

Nick Hakim’s latest album is a crucible of musical influences that quickly reaches boiling point. Hakim grew up in DC on a steady diet of nueva canción (South American folk music) from his parents, and vibrant punk from his older brother. He moved to Boston for school and then Brooklyn for music, where he released his debut EPs in 2014; the pair of releases were singularly intimate, hushed and still. For his full-length debut, Green Twins, Hakim has kept the intimacy but pumped up the volume. Inspired by soul singers like Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield, the album also features drum programming from bands like Outkast, and was made while listening to  Wu Tang Clan and The Clash. This wide spectrum of musical influences is held together by fading synths and Hakim’s impressive falsetto. It is at once raw and refined; a series of fleeting self-portraits captured in bedrooms and on street corners. Hakim dropped past Studio 1A ahead of his performance at Antone’s and ACL Festival, missed the session? Check it out below!

– Georgina Cook

**Upcoming Shows**

10/13 @ Antone’s

10/14 @ Austin City Limits Festival

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