Noah and the MegaFauna 6.15.16

Noah and the MegaFauna come from a different world. Noah Lit, has been based in LA, but his music travels to somewhere even more wonderfully outlandish. It can be compared to a distinct blend of Django Reinhardt, Tom Waits & Devotchka which creates imaginative layers of gypsy-based indie. Drunken rhythms swing hard, and the band catapults through awesome cabaret-like movements. With woodwinds, brass and strings, the whole ensemble easily orchestrates rich and powerful textures behind their frontman. Even with with these unique arrangements, Lit still develops strong pop songs with his rich vocal melodies and lyricism. Their latest release, The Pale Blue Dot, continues to develop strong orchestrations as well as the diversity within Lit’s repertoire and songwriting. From completely swinging tracks, such as “Psychopmps and Circumstance”, to gentle ballads, like “Until We Break Through”, this dynamic record is definitely worth a cover-to-cover listen.

With the release of The Pale Blue Dot, which came out earlier this week, you can catch Noah and the MegaFauna this Saturday, June 18th, at The Continental Club. For now, enjoy their performance as they swung by Studio 1A.

-Will Maxwell

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