Oliver Rajamani 4.19.17

Oliver Rajamani is a cultural treasure in Austin. Equally well versed in Indian, Roma, Middle Eastern and American instruments, Rajamani has made a career of blending these different sounds into new and unique music. Oliver Rajamani dubbed the latest iteration of his globe-spanning sound “Flamenco India”. An innovative musical journey into the deep and historical Indian roots of Spain’s Gypsy flamenco. Consisting of a colorfully large ensemble of Rajasthani Langa artists from the Indian Thar desert, dancers from the Indian and Flamenco traditions, flamenco guitar and singers and a boutique western string orchestra, this presentation carries the magic, passion and the spiritual beauty of both the Indian and the Romani (Gypsy) cultures. Dive into Oliver Rajamani’s recent visit to Studio 1A in the player at the bottom of this post and prepare yourself for “Flamenco India” at the Zach Theatre on Sunday, April 29.


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