Olivia Jean 2.10.20

Photo by Julia Reihs/KUTX

Olivia Jean returns with her second solo and first self-produced album Night Owl. On her first album Bathtub Love Killings, Jean played nearly every instrument, but her latest album features other instrumentalists and saw Jean taking up the role of producer. That role brought more creative control and the chance to infuse her garage rock sound with surf music and 60’s influences that she loves. Being the producer also taught her how to walk away from her music and “step on people’s toes” to create the music she wants. Ahead of her show at Empire Control Room on February 10, Olivia Jean dropped by Studio 1A to perform songs after her latest album.

She was joined by Cody Clayton on guitar, Erica Salazar on bass and Austin Hauns-Seegers on drums.

-Sophia Kontos, KUTX Intern


Host: Laurie Gallardo

Audio Engineer: Jake Perlman

Producer: Deidre Gott

Cameras: Julia Reihs, Faith Castle, Patricia Lin, Steven Gonzalés

Olivia Jean in Studio 1A

Full Session with Interview

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