PianoSur 11.15.16

PianoSur is Austin’s newest world music band. They play unique and energetic variations on Latin American all-time classics. The band is formed by director Esteban Alvarez (Pianist from Costa Rica), Eduardo Cassapia (Oboist from Bolivia), Tonico Vanalli (Drummer from Brazil), Andres Acevedo (Bassist from Colombia) and Mauricio Callejas (Guitarrist from El Salvador).   The band looks at Latin American traditional music with fresh eyes, incorporating elements and instruments from different cultures and music backgrounds, becomes an a real sound collage where energy and improvisation are important part of the ingredients.

Under his nonprofit organization Music Peace Project (MPP), Esteban established this music endeavor in order to exalt the roots of Latin American Music under the genre of World Music, providing a different angle of interpretation of the most common folk and popular music of this part of the world.

All members of this project are originally from South America and each one of them brings specific influences according to their cultural roots and country of birth.

– from PianoSur

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