Lyle Lovett 8.27.22

Lyle Lovett in Studio 1A 8.27.22

Full Session and Interview with Jody Denberg

Few names are more important to the canon of contemporary Texas singer/songwriters than Lyle Lovett. His songs have been covered by a who’s who of country artists and he has shared stages and studios with some of the biggest names in American music. Now, nearly 40+ years after his self-titled debut album, Lyle Lovett’s newest, 12th of June, turns his songwriter’s lens inward to document the big changes occurring in his life, namely the birth of twins. It’s easily one of his most personal records and tackles some of the domestic joys and challenges new parents face every day, like getting toddlers to wear pants on “Pants Is Overrated.”

Not only is the 12th of June Lovett’s first record as a parent, but also his first since 2012’s Release Me and first with fabled jazz label Verve Records. While the record represents a lot of firsts for the veteran musician, the songs on it are classic Lyle Lovett. Beautiful arrangements paired with smart, sometimes whimsical lyrics turn personal anecdotes into universal truths that have you looking for a dance partner and wondering if pants really are overrated. On his recent visit to Studio 1A, Lyle Lovett played three originals off the new album and chatted with KUTX host Jody Denberg about the new music and the big life changes that inspired it.


Set List:

  • “Are We Dancing”
  • “12th of June”
  • “Pants Is Overrated”


Lyle Lovett- guitar vocals

Jeff White- guitar, mandolin, vocals

Luke Bulla- fiddle, vocals

Leland Sklar-Bass

Jim Cox-piano


Host: Jody Denberg; Producer: Deidre Gott; Audio: Jake Perlman; Rene Chavez; Cameras: Gabriel C. Pérez, Patricia Lim; Edit: Michael Minasi Audio Mix:Jake Perlman

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