Revel @ KUTX 06.10.2015

Revel create a unique classical musical experience by combining masterful technique with a passion for celebratory live performances.

Revel was formed in 2008 by cellist Joel Becktell and pianist Carla McElhaney with the intention of taking a step away from the protocols and constraints attached to classical music in the late 20th century, creating a more accessible experience both for the group and their audience. Revel’s music is a passionate, harmonious, and elegant blend of classical music with occasional swing, jazz, and experimental flourishes. Since starting their journey the group has also begun collaborating with other musicians, including violinist Cármelo de los Santos, clarinetist James Shields, and violinist David Felberg to name just a few.

You can watch the group’s live performance at the Revel Solstice Festival held on June 12th at Vuka. The event will host a two-part program featuring pieces by Gerschwin, Beethoven, Kenji Bunch, and Olivier Messiaen.

You can also stream Revel’s music right here on KUTX.

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