Riders Against the Storm at KUTX 6.28.13

Riders Against the Storm, the husband and wife hip hop duo who hold a firm stance against the “storm” of tired, often debilitating mainstream music and media are sending much needed shockwaves within and beyond the modern hip hop community. After establishing themselves in Rhode Island, Chaka Mpeanaji and his wife Tiger Lily moved to Austin in 2009 and have already cemented themselves as an influential and uplifting pair of MCs. Other than trading lyrically charged verses, Chaka and Tiger Lily have helped co-found Body Rock (with fellow Austinite DJ Chorizo Funk), a monthly underground dance party hosted by The Sahara Lounge.

Listen to Riders Against the Storm as they lay down the beats and rhymes you’ve been waiting for, mere days before they rock their EP release party at Stubb’s, Jr. on July 2nd!


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