Shakey Graves 4.17.18

On his new album, Can’t Wake Up, Austin native Shakey Graves trades his iconic suitcase kick drum for a full-on rock band. Thankfully, the additional instruments have done nothing to diminish the raw, personal, and often whimsical songwriting Shakey Graves is known for. In fact, the new sounds don’t feel new at all. You get the feeling Shakey has been writing and arranging for a bigger band from the get-go. With the new songs, Shakey manages to use the big band to create more colorful and nuanced sonic landscapes for his lyrics to live in. The result is a more theatrical sound that showcases Shakey’s considerable talents as a songwriter, composer, and arranger. Shakey Graves stopped by with his new, bigger band to share some of the new tunes with a studio audience. You can listen to that session in the player at the bottom of the post before you go out and grab the new record, Can’t Wake Up, out today via Dualtone Records.




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