Shana Falana 11.16.17

New York based shoegazer Shana Falana makes ethereal music about personal transformation. Born in San Francisco, Falana moved to the other side of the country and spent several years in New York City’s vast drone and psych scene. While she’s transitioned out of the Bay Area DIY aesthetics of her youth, she hasn’t forgotten its rebellious and inclusive spirit. Falana makes music that both accepts her younger self and acknowledges how much things have changed–transcendent dream pop with themes that will resonate with any young person that has struggled with addiction, been marginalized, or felt disfigured by social pressures. Together with long-time partner and drummer Mike Amari, Shana Falana draws from the vocal loops and heavy reverb characteristic of New York for her latest album, Here Comes the Wave. But her voice–melting into the buoyant psychedelia of tracks like “Cloudbeats“–can’t be found anywhere else. Falana and Amari stopped by Studio 1A this week to play a couple of tracks. If you missed their session, here it is below!

– Harold Urteaga

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