Shelley King at KUTX 1.23.13

Shelley King

The music of songwriter, bandleader and vocalist Shelley King blends and blurs roots genres at the drop of a hat. It’s hard to pin her down with any one genre label, she’s not quite R&B, folk, blues, country, or rock. She’s sort of all of the above and then some, and it’s all fantastically soulful. In 2008, King was made the first woman to hold the title of Official Texas State Musician, and it’s not hard to see why. Her songwriting and the power of her vocals really grab the listener and refuse to let them go. She’s found fans across North America, Europe, and even Japan, all of them attracted to her blinding musical talent.

Shelley King will play a show on Thursday at the Cactus Cafe. She’ll also stopped by KUTX to record a liveset in Studio 1a. Here it is.

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