Sheverb 11.11.19

Photo courtesy of Sheverb

Born on a high desert wind, Sheverb is a womxn-led, collectively run, psychedelic desert rock band based in Austin. Armed with their instruments, the Ladies of Reverb are out to challenge the masculine mythology of the romanticized Old West. When the band first originated, they were strongly influenced by spaghetti western and surf music – two historically male-dominated genres. “When you get into the gender politics of spaghetti western film, it’s kind of a bleak picture for the modern day woman,” guitarist Betty Benedeadly notes. “Even though we’re an instrumental band and we don’t rely on lyrics to bring that message to our performance, there’s certainly a political layer to what we’re doing here.” Sheverb’s sound is a product of their surroundings, immersing themselves in the environment and bouncing that back through their instruments.  The songs that came out of last year’s Chapter One were born from time spent in the Northern Nevada desert, and 2020 will see the band heading further west to Bombay Beach in Southern California to start their next record.

Listen to Sheverb’s full Studio 1A session below, and catch them live every Wednesday night in November at their Hotel Vegas residency.

Written by Nick Gonzales/KUTX

Host: Taylor Wallace

Audio: Cliff Hargrove

Producer: Deidre Gott



Full Session w/ Interview

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