***June is Pride Month and all month long, KUTX is celebrating LGBTQ+ musicians who have shaped Austin’s music scene.***

PRIDE MONTH PROFILE: Sheverb – Host: Taylor Wallace / Producer: Deidre Gott

Austin’s Sheverb is an instrumental, womxn-led collective with members Betty Benedeadly, Xina Ocasio, Lainey Smith, James Ruthless Mescall, and Braden Guess creating spaghetti western-style, surf-rock instrumentals with the soul of the deserts of the American West. Formed in the late 2010’s with the mission to address and deconstruct the patriarchal myth of the cowboy western narrative, Sheverb reshapes that history for the era’s marginalized communities like women and indigenous peoples whose stories and importance have been lost to the traditional narrative.

Sheverb’s second album took them all the way west to the small, semi-abandoned Southern California beach town of Bombay Beach. There, the band went completely off the grid for a month and immersed themselves into the towns history, culture and people, picking up a residency where weekly jam sessions and the town’s impression formed the songs of 2020’s Once Upon A Time In Bombay Beach, a tribute to the resilience of the once thriving beach town and others like it.

Sheverb left Bombay Beach for Austin at the end of February 2020, returning to a quickly crumbling world and standstill of the live music scene. The group’s response was to change their plans for merch and vinyl pressings to opportunities to collaborate with and pay other artists to create digital content free to the world.

Sheverb hits the road again next month, but not before a show at San Marcos’s Gray Horse Saloon on June 25th.


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