Sip Sip @ KUTX 11.5.14

I sip. You sip. We sip sip sip. This is the mantra that Austin-based party band Sip Sip lives by.

So just how many people are in this electro-funk neo-soul collective? Accounting for every member, it’s around seventeen people. But Sip Sip didn’t become the funkiest party band in the galaxy overnight. Since forming a smaller group in 2009, Sip Sip has come to incorporate various members from Mother Falcon, Corduroi, Selva Oscura, and SubKulture Patriots to create a strange brew that gets the crowd moving every time. The result is a fusion of diverse musical backgrounds, ranging from orchestral and folk to electronic rock and cool jazz. While the tone varies from song to song, Sip Sip always maintains a steady level of energy, whether multi-tracking horn lines in the studio or blaring rap vocals in a packed venue.

Over the years the group has built a strong underground following based around their notorious live shows. These performances are dedicated to crowd participation and audience engagement, often featuring several members in costume, party favors, and repeated chants. Their studio recordings are a refreshing take on the testosterone-fueled live performances, most apparent on their aptly-titled debut EP Party Record. Although Sip Sip hasn’t released anything since Party Record in 2013, it’s rumored that they’ve been working on a new studio album with more intricate arrangements and a deeper sonic range. Tune into KUTX on Wednesday, November 5th at 1PM to hear what the hype is about or check out Sip Sip at KUTX’s own Live Music Series at Uncle Billy’s on Sunday, November 9th!

– Jack Anderson

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