Sweet Spirit 3.29.17

I listen to a lot of music here at KUTX, and I’ve discovered that there are three qualities that lead to a band’s success, in my mind at least.

  1. A sense of humor.
  2. Impeccable songwriting and production.
  3. Extreme amounts of people on stage; I’m talkin’ either 137 sweaty people in banana costumes, or  2.5 toddlers in train conductor uniforms.

Sweet Spirit has it all, and then some. The group grew out of the primordial Austin music ooze about three years ago inspired by Sabrina Ellis’ (Bobby Jealousy, A Giant Dog) disintegrating relationships. Since then they’ve been shooting up the local music charts. I actually don’t think that exists, but if it did, Sweet Spirit would be shooting up them. Their sound is somewhat familiar; female lead singer of an indie rock group. But at the same time, there’s something intangible about their tunes that push them into the realm of mythical local bands that make it big, we’re talkin’ Spoon, Black Angels, and White Denim status. Sweet Spirit has a new album, St. Mojo, coming out on April 7th, but they stopped by Studio 1A to delight a live audience with a set of tracks both old and new. Check them out below!


– James Parker

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