Temples 10.22.19

Many listeners see the influence from Temples‘s debut album, Sun Structures, in the British quartet’s third and latest album, Hot Motion. When asked about the similarity, bassist Tom Walmsley told KUTX host Jay Trachtenberg, “There’s probably elements of all of our sounds in this record. There may be some parts which sound like our first record and some which sound like our second, but in general, it’s the most ‘us’ sounding album yet.” By blending the styles present in their two previous records, the psych-rockers enter new ground and a deeper creative well with their timeless style, bursting with a cohesion that is rare in the time of stand-alone singles.

The British powerhouse stopped by Studio 1A to play some songs for our Concert Club and talk Hot Motion with KUTX host Jay Trachtenberg ahead of their show at Scoot Inn. Listen to the full live performance with an exclusive unaired bonus track below!

Host: Jay Trachtenberg

Engineer: Cliff Hargrove, Jake Perlman

‘Holy Horses’ + ‘Hot Motion’
Camera: Julia Reihs, Karla Bruciaga;

Edit: Nadia Elchmaissani

Camera: Julia Reihs;

Edit: Gabriel C. Pérez

Producer: Deidre Gott



Full Session with Interview


Atomise (Unaired Bonus Track)

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