The Grassy Knoll @ KUTX 06.26.2015

June’s Artist of the Month, the Grassy Knoll creates a crowded and doomed groove in all the right ways.

The Grassy Knoll puts together a psychedelic fusion of rock, jazz, and electronica that promises to “float our little minds.” Formed in 1994 and helmed by Nolan Green, the Austin band embarked on an inventive musical track, bridging the mechanical and the organic with their releases throughout the ’90’s. After taking a decade long break, the Grassy Knoll re-emerged with 2014’s Electric Verdeland Vol. 1, an album once again grounded grippingly dark, heavy beats and bass, a moody and experimental somewhere between trip-hop and shoegaze. With their rhythm section forming a steady and propulsive atmospheric foundation of gripping funk and trepidation, the Grassy Knoll set an equally dramatic and swayable tone with electric strings and bursting saxophone.

The Grassy Knoll will be playing at Mohawk on July 31st and you can stream their full live set, the band’s first in 12 years, right here on KUTX!

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