The Teeta 10.28.2017

Austin-based rapper The Teeta is on a hot streak of dissociated trap beats and pinpoint delivery. Inspired by the music, street style, and prolificacy of rap heavyweights like Lil B and Chief Keef, The Teeta has released three mixtapes of lean-tinged tracks in 2017 alone. As a founding member of legendary Austin music collective Team Next he’s broken out as a truly unique figure in the Austin music scene as the pioneer of his self-coined “new age pretty boy trap.” His latest mixtape, Killstreak II, was produced entirely by Bossbeatz. The pair are a match made in heaven, both helping each other expand their musical dimensions. On the album’s lead single, “Ghosts,” Teeta takes a page from Drake’s vocal repertoire, half-singing a tale of a ruined relationship. Teeta is truly at his best when he’s being honest, vocalizing and spitting triplets over turn-up 808 hi-hats. He dropped by Studio 1A on Thursday to perform some of his new tracks. Miss the session? Check it out below!

– Harold Urteaga

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