Toubab Krewe 11.15.19

Photo by Amarachi Ngwakwe/KUTX

Some music is so original that it’s almost impossible to place it into one genre. However, the vibrant North Carolina-based instrumental quintet Toubab Krewe is one of those remarkable artists, using a no-borders attitude to create an eclectic mix of traditional African beats, international folk strains, and rock sensibilities. Their universal approach creates what the band calls a “sonic Pangea”, a togetherness that truly brings people around the world together as if Earth’s land was still one land mass. The band’s fierce dedication to their craft has earned them the universal adoration they deserve, earning them spots at Bonnaroo, High Sierra, Rothbury, and now, Austin’s UTOPiAfest.

The spirited Asheville natives stopped by Studio 1A ahead of their appearance at UTOPiAfest to play some songs off of their latest release, STYLO, and chat with KUTX host Jody Denberg. Check out the live performance below!

Written by Emily Gruner/KUTX

Host: Jody Denberg

Audio: Cliff Hargrove

Cameras: Gabriel C. Pérez, Nadia Elchmaissani, Amarachi Ngwakwe

Edit: Amarachi Ngwakwe

Producer: Deidre Gott


Toubab Krewe

Full Session with Interview

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