Rattletree Marimba at KUTX 10.28.13

Joel Laviolette and Rattletree are at the forefront of a new era of live electronica – merging new sounds with the roots of ancient and organic African marimba.  They play GIANT hand-built wooden xylophones, incorporate cutting-edge DIY live video projection, synth manipulation and choreographed dance. Rattletree creates a high-energy stage presence and uplifting high-vibration dance music. This is dance medicine for the whole world.

We were more than excited to have Joel Laviolette and his high-octane posse of marimba magicians back in Studio 1a for another exciting show on October 28. If Kupira Marimba’s June performance is any indicator of how fun this will be, brace yourself – we’re all in for a treat! Check out their performance right here, and spruce up your day!

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