Tricky 10.20.17

Bristol native Tricky has a career that spans three decades and a multitude of genres, beginning with the forefront of trip-hop in 1991. Born Adrian Thaws, the English rapper and producer broke out from collaborations with such groundbreaking acts as The Wild Bunch and Massive Attack to form a successful solo career. Throughout the years he has collaborated with such diverse artists as Björk, Grace Jones, and PJ Harvey. His 13th solo album, Ununiform, is a culmination of his influences and experience. His delivery is unmistakable, a guttural flow that belongs to a man that has seen too much. Tricky, in spite of this, opts to be an optimist. Ununiform is “a journey into happiness and contentment,” and Tricky is your calm guide in a cruel world. We were lucky to have him over at Studio 1a. Miss his session? Check it out below!

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