Trouble in the Streets 1.3.17

Austin based “Electro Tribe” group Trouble in the Streets fuses broad influences into a unique and electrifying sound that is guaranteed to get you on the dance floor. Drawing on influences from Fela Kuti to Pink Floyd, Nnedi “Nebula” Agbaroji, Andy Leonard, and Bobby Snakes put on an energetic and groove-laden show. Their debut EP, appropriately titled Electro Tribe is a heavy hitting collection of tunes that doesn’t have a weak moment. Beto Martinez, Guitarist for Grupo Fantasma and Brownout, makes appearances on the tracks “Make it Rain” and “Pyramid Scheme,” adding another dimension to already dynamic music.

Check out two songs from Trouble in the Streets’ session in studio 1A below, or on January 5th for a free show at Stubbs

-James Parker

**Upcoming Shows**

1/5/17 – Stubbs, 8 pm


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