Walker Lukens 4.23.19

Photo by Julia Reihs

Pop? Indie rock? Who cares! Walker Lukens is loyal to only one genre: excellence. With songs that can wax anywhere from sweet to spicy (but never bitter) and 80s-tinged to fully modern, the consistently high energy of his studio recordings explodes in his live performances. Backed (or, rather, flanked) by his Side Arms, the other important piece in the Lukens pie is local producer extraordinaire Jim Eno, who’s worked with Walker on all of his releases of the last half-decade or so. More than a couple million streams later, the pair proves formidable and continues the fortitude with Lukens’s newest release, ADULT. Whether you’re looking for a new, adorable love song or something to soundtrack your getting-ready-to-go-out montage, Walker Lukens has your order in spades. He would also like it emphasized that his name is not Walter.

-Taylor Wallace, Weeknight Host

Release show Friday, April 26th at Mohawk with Shy Beast, Zettajoule, and Sego


Host: Jody Denberg
Engineers: Cliff Hargrove & Jake Perlman

Producer: Deidre Gott
Multimedia: Julia Reihs, Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon, Salvador Castro, Precious Parker


Cameras: Julia Reihs, Salvador Castro, Precious Parker
Edit: Julia Reihs


Cameras: Julia Reihs, Salvador Castro, Precious Parker
Edit: Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon

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