Whiskey Shivers 7.18.17

Whiskey Shivers are off the bluegrass rails and careening fast into punk rock; they’re making blues-folk for the rock n’ roll generation. Formed right here in Austin, Texas through a dubious Craigslist ad, “man seeking bluegrass group”, the band is now five members strong; boasting fiddles, washboards and lonesome harmonies. They quickly made a name for themselves with their raucous live shows that saw the boys barefoot, sweating and getting audiences on their feet. Their latest album, Some Part of Something, combines a kinetic punk sensibility with traditional bluegrass themes of work, pain, sin and death; all performed at breakneck speeds. The record was accompanied by a pre-release campaign fitting to the band’s anything-goes philosophy; fan rewards included tattoo lessons and actual hair from frontman Bobby Fitzgerald ‘s infamous mullet. The album is an unflinching exploration of life’s hardships, imbued with their trademark dark humor and an edge of reckless abandon. The boys brought their barking laughter, infectious energy, and anarchist Americana into Studio 1A. Check out the full session below! Then go dance yourself silly at their Mohawk release show!

**Upcoming Shows**

7/22 @ Mohawk

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