Will Taylor & Strings Attached 8.2.17

Will Taylor has lived in Austin since the 70’s and has spent much of his time here honing his jazz skills and building his ensemble Strings Attached. The group is  a genre-blurring collaboration with folk artists. Their vision was to fuse jazz and classical flavors with the contemporary singer/songwriter genre; to dress it up with a little different jewelry. From the classical tradition they borrowed the architectural precision of composition and arranging. From jazz they brought the performance ethic. The ability to abandon the score and make choices spontaneously, in response to each other and the present musical moment. And then there’s that irresistable sense of”swing” – the thing that gets people dancing. Their latest project, Strings in the Woods are spontaneous, uplifting performances that pair a beautiful setting with an intimate acoustic concert. Locations will be released before each performance, and the concerts will go ahead rain or shine! Will Taylor dropped past Studio 1A to showcase some of his best stuff, check out the session below.

**Upcoming Shows**

8/6 @ Carson Creek Ranch

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