Willy Mason at KUTX 9.5.13

Willy Mason’s music can be considered as a product of being born into folk yet coming of age to the sounds of grunge, punk and the politically-charged messages of such bands as Rage Against the Machine. Mason’s result is the best of both worlds: an often bluesy approach to folk with lyrics that linger, if not bite. Having been only 19 years old when he released his exceptional debut album, Where the Humans Eat, Willy Mason has continually delivered a level of musicianship that seems far more matured and timeless than is to be expected – perhaps a genetic predisposition to philosophical astuteness being a descendant of the great 19th century thinker William James, yet there certainly remains an endearing individuality to Mason’s songs.

Willy Mason has been busy playing sold out shows across the country, but luckily for us he stopped by KUTX for an exclusive performance, which you can hear below!

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