Bill Callahan: “Pigeons” [PREMIERE]

It’s one hell of a bold move to name your unreleased album Gold Record, but if there’s anyone who can pull it off, it’s one hundred percent Bill Callahan.

Callahan’s now a decade and a half into the eponymous portion of his songwriting career, but he unequivocally retains much of that enigmatic aura of his Smog days. Ever keen on experimentation and unwilling to let lower fidelities obscure his at-times bewildering lyrics, Bill Callahan’s eager to put his voice right inside your ear with this latest batch of recordings. Six of the ten new tracks were completed in single live takes with Matt Kinsey providing much of the guitar work, thus allowing Callahan to focus on his gargantuan, one-of-a-kind vocals.

True to its name, Callahan promises that each song on Gold Record will have a standalone feel, and the full thing comes out on September 4th. Bill was kind enough to toss us the keys to Gold Record‘s album opener for a test drive, so drop in and coo on this first listen to Gold Record‘s lead single, “Pigeons”!


Bill Callahan

-Jack Anderson

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