Brass Bed: “I Am Just A Whisper”

Photo by Allison Bohl DeHart

Brass Bed is a three-piece band out of Lafayette, Louisiana, and they’ve been doing their thing for years. Christiaan Mader, Jonny Campos, and Peter DeHart started out nearly a decade ago as a DIY outfit particularly indebted to Beach Boys-esque pop trickery, but each subsequent album has been cloudier and more nuanced. On their latest, In The Yellow Leaf, Brass Bed sounds like a group of veterans, boiling down their sound to its essence. There’s a bit of Grizzly Bear-like grandeur to “I Am Just A Whisper,” but this song also flat-out sprints, building to crashing crescendos with each chorus.

In The Yellow Leaf is out now via Modern Outsider. Catch Brass Bed live in Studio 1A on Thursday at 1 p.m. and Thursday night at the Scoot Inn.

–Art Levy

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