Brian Lambert: “All I Want For Christmas (Is A Brand New Start)”

Before 2020, Austinite-turned-Dentonite Brian Lambert had become pretty accustomed to playing around three live shows a week. But with quarantine conditions, Lambert’s taken a step back to reshape at his own style, leading him to cozy up more to the likes of Grimes and Spoon than to the classic country folk acts he’s historically been compared to.

That’s not to say that Lambert doesn’t still carry the standing of songwriters like Ol’ Hank and Dylan, but this new undertaking of indie rock is undeniably refreshing to hear, especially in this year of surprises and hard left turns. So what better way to send off Song of the Day than with this single that might just give Mariah a run for her money, “All I Want For Christmas (Is A Brand New Start)”! Happy Holidays! Song of the Day will return Monday, January 4th, 2021.

All I Want For Christmas (Is A Brand New Start)

Brian Lambert

Jack Anderson

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