Chakra Khan: “Summertime”

We may be knee deep in the fall season but for five local psychedelic pop lovers, it’s still summertime.

The Austin-based psych-pop quintet known as Chakra Khan features four members of KNIFIGHT and has been refining their sound since the 2013 release of their debut single, “Don’t Give”. Chakra Khan’s technical prowess and affinity for exploring vintage sounds shines through their intricate psychedelic arrangements and effects-laden performances. Chakra Khan’s latest release, the “Summertime”/”She Believes” 7-inch, offers a lush soundscape, not captured since 2014’s Loving is growing. “Summertime” kicks off with a bouncy groove that quickly transforms into an ethereal behemoth of psychedelia – where vocalist Evan Wynn leads the group’s stacked harmonies all in pursuit of classic-rock revivalism.

You can pick up a vinyl copy of “Summertime/She Believes” through Austin’s Pau Wau Records (The Blind Pets, The Ghost Wolves, Bayonne).

Jack Anderson

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