Corduroi: “Slingshot”

When you’re as prolific a producer as Austin’s Cody Wilson, the ambiguous macro-label of “electronic music” simply doesn’t do the work justice. No, to best describe Corduroi you almost have to acknowledge the juxtapositions that dominate his process. As one half all-analog duo Trax Rebo, Wilson undeniably knows his way around patch cables, bit compressors, and modwheels, most recently heard on Corduroi’s Oceanarium and Wind Your Spring and yet digital songwriting is still one of the synth-enthusiast’s greatest assets. And given how ubiquitous the term “driving” has come to define beats, Corduroi’s spasmodic structures and near-anti-loop mentality prove less driving and more hurdling, like if Wilson was behind the wheel in Sorcerer or Fury Road.

The track record of curious counterparts continues on Corduroi’s upcoming EP Mazie, whose mood falls somewhere between psychedelic and bucolic like if someone had filmed El Topo on the set of Midsommar or recorded Martin Denny’s Exotica in the same basement as J Dilla’s Donuts. Corduroi’s uncompromising inertia soars throughout Mazie‘s seven songs and weaves textures across retro acid house, chill deep house, UK garage, glitch, ambient, and a little bit of classic trip-hop. The EP is out August 28th, and today you can sew yourself into Mazie‘s midpoint, a breakbeat buffet that harvests through fields of ’90s jungle and ’00s drum n bass, “Slingshot”!



Jack Anderson

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