Coy O Té: “Never Enough” [PREMIERE]

Rob Loud

As much as I miss seeing Walker Lukens & The Side Arms dominate marquees and show bills across town year-round, it’s been really neat watching Walker evolve from a frontman of many hats to a straight-up behind-the-scenes producer. In doing so, Walker’s been able to lend his idiosyncratic sense of sonics and production techniques to artists who might not necessarily have the ear to take their own tunes to the next level. Case in point: Austin’s Brett Hammann, better known by his stage name Coy O Té.

Like the eponymous critter sniffing out and snatching a nestled egg from the coop, Coy O Té started creeping up once Hammann dug up a set of demos he recorded in Nashville back in 2015. Rather than let them slip away into the aether, Hammann took those tracks straight to Walker Lukens and engineer Adam Mason to help groom Coy O Te’s coat in 2021, a process that’s led to Coy O Te’s debut EP, Chapter One: Randy’s Tavern, out tomorrow.

True to its title, Chapter One: Randy’s Tavern is an awesome first round of Coy O Té’s groovy western originals. And ahead of a trio performance next Tuesday at Hotel Vegas, today Coy O Te’s extended an invitation to join the pack early with Randy’s Tavern‘s final lead single. Following Walker’ Lukens’s signature formula of noncomplex vocal harmonies, reverb across the board, tasteful auxiliary percussion, and striking effects-drenched solo guitar, Hammann channels Division Bell-era David Gilmour as he questions a seemingly-insatiable canine appetite on “Never Enough”.

Never Enough

Coy O Té

Coy O Té: “Never Enough”

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