De Lux: “Better At Making Time”

For all of y’all out there still mourning the loss of LCD Soundsystem, I’m right there with ya. But, find hope in the fact that there’s a whole crop of kids out there ready to pick up where the sainted LCD left off.

One of them is the Los Angeles electronic outfit De Lux. The duo behind the electro disco-nouveau sounds of De Lux are 22-year-olds Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco. Guerin’s a sound engineer who’s been writing songs since his teen years, and Franco is a lover and appreciator of obscuro disco. The pair bonded over skateboarding and music. They played in another band together, but it looks as though De Lux might be the one.

Their first full-length is due out in early 2014 via the L.A.-based label Innovative Leisure. But in November they released a five-song EP through Scion AV for the price of free. The EP opens with the deeply, deeply groovy track “Better At Making Time.” The revolving bass line’ll hit you right in the gut, and when the razor-sharp, funky guitar line hits, you’ll find yourself moving. It’s unavoidable. It’s the perfect dance floor tune. Even at 7:33, you can feel the groove could go on forever, and that’d be alright. Also, like LCD or !!!, the ratio of organic and electronic is just right. That mix is oh-so-very important. Because you can tell human hands touched an actual instrument in the making of the track, it can hit your head, heart, and hips all at the same time. With De Lux, the next generation of disco-punk is in good hands.

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