Dinner With Matt Gilchrest: “Bearded Lady”

A good portion of projects featuring a full name in their handle tend to promote the chief songwriter over the backing band. Despite that trend, Austin’s own Dinner With Matt Gilchrest is a well-balanced buffet of talent, whisking up a stew of folk, country, pop, rock, and psychedelia that’ll keep you coming back for seconds. Gilchrest’s four-guest dinner party features veterans of local favorites like Magic Rockers of Texas and Go Fever, and they collectively treated us to some brash attitude on their self-titled appetizer back in 2017.

Pretty soon the next course will be sizzlin’ on out of the kitchen with Dinner With Matt Gilchrest’s first full-length Desperate Flotsam, an eight-track that floats between a hush and a howl, alternating clean country pop with fuzzy rock, and swapping out juvenile musings with eloquent introspection. DWMG has just begun to dish out Desperate Flotsam à la carte and celebrates with a single release show this Friday night at Hole in the Wall  along with A. Sinclair, Will Cope, and Cartright! So pull up a chair and sink your teeth into the first track – “Bearded Lady”!

Bearded Lady

Dinner With Matt Gilchrest

Jack Anderson

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