Eli Raybon: “Primitive Man”

At twenty one Eli Raybon has already proved his commitment towards music over all else. He was on track to study computer science and mathematics in New York, but at the last minute Raybon had a change of heart, tapped into his childhood love of analog synthesizers, and dedicated himself to weird, retro-futuristic songwriting.

Nowadays Raybon gets to geek out as full time musical mad scientist in LA and soon we’ll hear his boldest offering yet, Supertoys. The ten-track sci-fi concept album fuses a nostalgic, surreal narrative with disco-born beats and ’80s-style avant-garde electronic tones and you can hear it all this Friday. So tap into Raybon’s brand of future funk and go back to the basics with “Primitive Man”!

Jack Anderson

Photo: Kevin Blackburn

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