Elliott Brood: “Nothing Left”

Last year, Toronto’s Elliott Brood celebrated its 10th anniversary with a re-release of its debut EP and a Canadian tour. Reflecting on their roots carried over into new songs and a new album, Work And Love, their first working with an outside producer. Frontman Casey Laforet calls the record (out October 21) a “lament for youth,” recalling the band’s early DIY days. They’ve come a long way since then, earning a Polaris Music Prize nomination for their 2008 album Mountain Meadows and touring with Wilco, the War On Drugs, and the Head & the Heart.

Work And Love is louder and edgier in places, but even with the youthful abandon comes a well-seasoned maturity. The narrator at the heart of the rock-and-folk ballad “Nothing Left” spends his nights drinking since his heart was broken. Just as the self-destruction creeps in, though, he reasons that “these late-night calls / don’t do anybody good.”

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