Flock Of Dimes: “Semaphore”

When she’s not melting minds with Wye Oak, Jenn Wasner makes music under her other moniker Flock Of Dimes (well, other other moniker). This project allows her to step outside of collaboration and truly go solo, writing, arranging, and playing the music all herself.

Fittingly, “Semaphore” is all about communication, literally and more poetically. The song isn’t concerned with specifics–she could be flagging down herself or a relationship–so much as unspoken languages that feel more important in our data-overloaded lives. “Semaphore” crackles with electricity, a machine pushing forward on pumping bass and skittering synths, and it appears on a debut album that took years to craft due to other commitments. Wasner taps into something essential with her music: songs are convenient time markers, compressing years into a steady pulse.

“Semaphore” appears on If You See Me, Say Yes, out September 23 via Partisan. Flock Of Dimes play 3TEN ACL Live on November 12.

–Art Levy // host, Sundays 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., producer, My KUTX

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