Gardens & Villa: “Fixations”

Photo by S.L. Perlin

When asked about some of the inspiration behind their third album, Music For Dogs, Chris Lynch of Gardens & Villa described “feeling like our modern lives are starting to resemble a sci-fi world.” The L.A.-based band embrace this weirdness on the record, shrouding their voices in psychedelic effects but mixing it with acoustic guitars and pianos.

This merging of past and future, organic and synthetic feels like a nod back to Brian Eno and David Bowie’s collective ’70s freakout. We’re all connected, and it’s kind of terrifying. “Fixations” doubles-down on this glammy wooziness–it’s a party, but you’re left a little seasick by the end. Listen to the song below, and catch Gardens & Villa at the Parish on Thursday, September 17 alongside fellow Song of the Day alumni Palehound. We’re giving away tickets–tune in today around 1 pm or follow us on Instagram for a chance to win.

–Art Levy

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