Grace Sorensen: “Can’t Kiss & Forget” (ACL Fest Pop-Up)

Michael Minasi

In the three short years since she hit streaming, it’s become abundantly clear that Grace Sorensen is a force to be reckoned with, plain and simple. This Austin-based singer-songwriter spent the two years of the pandemic wowing us impassioned R&B originals. By the time it felt safe to slay live shows again early last year, Sorensen shared her debut EP WHAT I NEVER TOLD YOU, a five-track all-caps bouquet of unbridled vocals, whether they’re solely atop a piano (“CAPTIVE”), or floating in a full-band mix (“THIS ISN’T LOVE”).

With the voice of an angel and a striking sense of fashion to match, Grace has become a must-have feature for hip-hop/R&B blenders like Magna Carda (“Digits”) and BLK ODYSSY (“LET ME GO”). And of course, we only have “Miss Majesty” herself to thank for her more recent exposure and success, including a cover feature for The Austin Chronicle detailing their top picks for “best of” ACL.

Needless to say, Sorensen didn’t disappoint and fully delivered when she graced the BMI Stage Sunday One of the festival. Afterwards, she brought her guitarist and keyboardist back with her to the KUTX tent for an impeccable new impression of her next EP. We’re still waiting on its studio counterpart, but for now, we’re plenty happy with the extra-sensual memory-maker that is the pop-up rendition of “Can’t Kiss & Forget”!

 Grace Sorensen: vocals; Jakes Smith: Keys; Ezra Rodriguez: Guitar Credits: Producer: Deidre Gott; Audio Engineer and Mix: Rene Chavez; Cameras: Michael Minasi; Renee Dominguez, Isak Kotecki, Ivy Fowler, Natassja Collak; Edit: Deborah Cannon

Can’t Kiss & Forget (ACL Fest Pop-Up)

Grace Sorensen

Grace Sorensen: “Can’t Kiss & Forget” (ACL Fest Pop-Up)

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