Help Society: “Better”

There’s a big grocery list of bands that I miss seeing due to quarantine, but COVID circumstances aside, Austin outfit Knifight hasn’t really been the same since synth-player/vocalist Patrick Marshall moved to New Orleans. But Marshall’s semi-recent move to NOLA didn’t put an end to his music, instead it came alongside a re-embracing of solo material that never quite meshed with Knifight and the like.

Thus, after nearly a decade and a half, Help Society was reborn and, more than ever before, able to capture the unfiltered emotions experienced over the years. The nine tracks on Help Society’s debut solo album Gettin’ Low and Lettin’ Go feature Marshall’s synth and vocal work front and center to channel themes of acceptance and closure, and for the remainder of the year, 100% of streaming and album sales revenue will be donated directly to the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation. Gettin’ Low and Lettin’ Go already came out back at the start of June, but Marshall’s been dropping a few music videos here and there to keep the energy going, including one that sonically channels ’80s new wave in the vain of Tears For Fears or INXS while visually referencing games like Final Fantasy in its graphics for a complete package of aural altruism on “Better”!


Help Society

Jack Anderson

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