Holly Miranda: “All I Want Is To Be Your Girl” (Live In Studio 1A)

Joshua Tree has long had a romantic hold on the imagination. From Gram Parsons to U2, musicians have been pulled to this remote stretch of the Mojave Desert, partly for its poetic desolation and maybe for mystical reasons. Singer-songwriter Holly Miranda recently experienced the latter. After suffering writer’s block, an almost lucid dream drove pushed her towards Joshua Tree. There, the block lifted, and she wound up with a few songs for her new self-titled album.

The record shows a wide range for such a young artist: singer-songwriter sing-alongs, spiky electro-pop, and rousing guitar-led ballads. Miranda stopped by Studio 1A last week and tried out some stripped-down versions of these songs, including her instantly-charming “All I Want Is To Be Your Girl.” Download the song below.

–Art Levy

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