Indoor Creature: “Selfish Liars”

When’s the music’s too good to keep to yourself, sometimes your individual project becomes a full-fledged band. That’s certainly the case with Indoor Creature, an Austin outfit that got its start as the solo outlet for multi-instrumentalist Caleb Fleischer. Fleischer was the sole performer on Indoor Creature’s 2014 debut, Conversations With Myself, and the 2015 follow-up Present Thinking saw him joined by his current production partner and fellow bandmate Travis Kitchen.

Now four members strong, Indoor Creature put out their third record Windows early last year, showing off the full band’s jazz-influenced sound, compelling chord progressions and mesmerizing melodies. 2018 has been a year of singles for Indoor Creature, who just released their fourth new one a couple weeks back. Indoor Creature plays Friday night at Swan Dive and you can unleash the interior beast with that latest single from Indoor Creature, “Selfish Liars”!

-Jack Anderson

Photo: Kelly Ngo

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